UX analysis

Increase the Speed and Performance of your website

At BoostMyBiz we understand the importance of interaction, positive experience, and ease of usability and we ensure to implement it in the design. Therefore, our User experience design and optimization services are absolute.

User Experience Design and Optimization

Our main objective is to provide the user with the right user experience design and optimization in your web page. In general, the significance of UX designs is often overlooked. Measuring the interaction between user and user interface is user experience analysis. Our experts perform market research to analyze the user experience on your web page. Once the User Experience Analysis is done, our experts enhance the design which will lead to an increase in engagement and reach of your web page.

53% of mobile site visits are
abandoned if pages take longer then 3 seconds to load

  • Confused Navigation
  • Slow loading of un-optimized images
  • Asking user to perform more action
  • Vague Call to action
  • Poor Design/ Non Responsive Interface
  • Frequent technical

Why are page speed optimization services
important to website success

Our team at BoostMyBiz creates engaging and valuable content that are keyword targeted to promote traffic and sales to your website. Our page optimization services include creating high-quality content that is keyword driven and adds value to the user. At BoostMyBiz, we work in a smart but natural way to optimize keywords into your web pages. Given that, with our page optimization services, you will have a better ranking in the Google services with a good user experience design and optimization.

What we do to increase the performances

Some of the key elements of our Page Optimization Services include:

  • High-Quality content
  • Minimum Loading Time
  • Easy to navigate
  • Natural and Intuitive page design
  • Consistent design to avoid confusion
  • Providing quality experience
  • Create engaging content
  • Target to make happy customers
  • Top-notch UX design
  • Page is both browser and device responsive

First impressions are everything in business and is even more true on the web where the average attentioon span is a few seconds. BoostMyBiz helps you to create startup websites that immediately captures the visitor’s eye. We follow a unique and modern way to build websites which will be sure to reach your target customers. Our team builds the websites by including core values of your business and add all the necessary features to build a stunning website.

If your website is not structured well or if you’re having trouble gaining rankings in search engines, this might be a sign that you need a Website Redesign. Examining your site’s conversion rates — visitor-to-lead and lead-to-customer – is another great way to give you with a clear idea of what needs to be adjusted on it. BoostMyBiz’s website redesign team has the experience to take into consideration your requirements and all the moving pieces to make your web redesign process a success.

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